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in unusual times

For a little while....

worshipping in a closed space will not be practical.  Please join us as we learn how to worship together even when we are apart.  We won’t be live-streaming a traditional service.  This Sunday, we have only lessons, a message and some time for prayer.  Over the next few weeks, we just may have an opportunity to experience what made the church to grow from the beginning.  Love from God through Jesus Christ and shared with one another.  Want to joins us? 

Just Knock.  ( or CLICK on the Door right here-----> )

iu.png Pray

    It's always time to pray.  It's even better to pray together.

    We are inviting all members and friends of Fir Lawn to pause at 7:00 pm each day and make an appointment to pray for each other, for the church and the community.

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Stuck at home?  

One Question we are all asking is

"What do we do Now?" Our advice is do some exploring.  The "Go Exploring" link takes you to a page filled fun and interesting jump-off points.   Find something you like then let others know.

Did you know We Have an Online Bulletin Board?

   Have something to share?  A photo, pie recipe, story, great idea, joke, a prayer or even something to sell or give?

   Click on the quill to see what

others shared.  Or, post what you like to our Bulletin Board.  We will get it up asap. 

To see how the temporary restrictions are affecting activities at Fir Lawn,

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