Church Events

We are taking a hiatus.  Not from eating, just doing it together on Wednesday nights.  Back in the fall.

Soup & Salad Supper

Men's Breakfast

Thursday's at 7:00 AM downstairs, usually.  However, we won't be meeting until it is safe for all to come.  Looking at the second week of April. 

Afternoon Bible Study

Thursday's at 2:00 PM  Once again, we won't be meeting until it is safe for all to come.  Looking at the second week of April.

Council Meetings

3rd Thursday's at 12:00 PM

Kids to Camp

Our annual Auction to send kids to camp won't be taking place for this year.   However, thanks to the amazing generosity of past supporters we are still sending local kids to camp.  In addition, a little later, we will be having a community celebration to say Thank you.  Yes, there will be Duck Races!

The Noah Project

Boat Builder.jpg

 We find 9th to 11th grader and help each of them to build and 8 foot el toro sailboat, from scratch with a mast, sail, everything.  We get volunteers from around town to work with the kids and we provide everything.  Each kid gets to keep their own boat in the end!  We are STILL on for this year.

The Quilters

Fir Lawn produces more quilts for Lutheran World Relief than any other church in the state.  In addition, the quilts are used by local emergency responders and shared wherever there is need. Some of the quilts are distributed world wide during and following disasters.  Theses quilts aren’t destined to set on someone’s guest room bed.  The may become emergency shelters, transportation for refugees belongings, even transport to carry and care for the sick.  We are Warming the World One Quilt at a Time.  On hold until conditions improve.

12 Step Groups

This is a ministry that is welcomed and  housed at our church.  Seven groups meet here each week, including AA and NA.  At this time in response to health concerns and the community need, all of the groups having chosen to cancel weekly meetings.  These meetings are a vital part of our community and we pray soon they may resume.